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Romania has the majestic castles, medieval towns, great hiking and wildlife, and cheap skiing of much of the “undiscovered” former Eastern Bloc. You will be floored at how different it is, but you will almost certainly see signs that its is chasing the dreams of the rest of the West.

Horse-drawn carts jostle for space against fast cars whose drivers are talking money on mobile phones; farm workers watch Baywatch on satellite in their medieval farmhouses. Romania is clawing itself forward, slowly and surely sloughing off the remnants of the Ceausescu era.

Romania is a country in the Eastern part of Europe.

To the East, it is bordered by the Black Sea . Its neighbours are :

South : Bulgaria - West: Serbia and Hungary – North : Ukraine – East : Moldova

Area : 237,500 sq km

Population : 22.27 million

Capital City : Bucharest

People : Romanians (90%), Hungarians (7%), Roma (2%), Germans, Ukrainians

Language : Romanian

Religion : Eastern (Romanian) Orthodox (87%), Protestant, Roman Catholic

Government : Republic

The country is blessed with all the major forms of landscape . The Carpathian Mountains cross the country from the north to the south-west. The Danube flows along the southern border with Bulgaria and into the Black Sea forming a magnificent delta.