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EurAka University Global Responsibility
Corporate Identity

The E.H.E. European University EurAka Switzerland is commited to deliver Higher Education of best European quality and highest international standards. We embrace Higher Education without borders being delivered through rich and innovative academic methods. The EurAka University's Higher Education welcomes students from all around the world. The EurAka University understands herself as a global corporate citizen. The University is open for students and staff, who are driven by intellectual curiosity and the desire to improve themselves and positively influence their environment through research and academic studies as part of their Continuous Professional Development in their Cycle of Lifelong Learning.

The EurAka University considers Higher Education as being committed to knowledge and sciences. The EurAka University Higher Education has no other purpose than to educate students, who want to contribute to developments through sustainable and responsible application of knowledge, delivered in ethical and socially responsible studies. No student is rejected for ethnical, religious or cultural reasons; the EurAka University stands for equality and inclusion of all its students and members of staff. The EurAka University's research is focused on improvements and developments having sustainability in mind.

We aspire to be an effective, responsive and responsible organisation for all our stakeholders and the wider community.

  • Purpose: The education of responsible students through Higher Education of best European quality and highest standards. To provide Higher Education without borders.

  • Value: Inspire students to extend their own borders through intellectual curiosity and the desire to permanently improve themselves to positively contribute to a sustainable global future.

  • Method: Innovative and future-oriented studies of latest knowledge, which are also furthering cultural understanding and respect for others not regarding cultural, ethnic or religious backgrounds.

  • Research: To undertake research of contributing impact, which allows to improve economy and society equally by finding explanations for present and future global challenges. To initiate research, which unites academics from other countries and continents.

  • Partnership: To enter meaningful and active partnerships with other academic institutions, professional bodies, and individuals for providing better outcomes for the EurAka University's students, their employers, and to provide support for their countries of origin.

  • Dialogue: Continuous dialogue with academics, industry, government bodies, and further constituents to find solutions for actual issues and problems supporting positive developments of the economy and society.
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