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TOP BRITISH PROFESSIONAL MBA Management Finance Marketing HRM Banking and Finance Degree awarded directly by British and French Universities

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Reasons To Attend


• Opportunity to study the analytical and decision making skills in order to develop the business leadership and management capabilities relevant in today's rapidly evolving economic environment.

• Opportunity to choose among four different fields of specialisation ( Management , Finance/Banking, Marketing and HRM ), which emphasise executive training at an advanced level and provide you with specialised experience and numerous career opportunities in different sectors.

• Maximum Time flexibility, which allows students to remain in employment or professional practice while seeking entry in the programme, especially the Weekend Delivery, which is taught every 3 weeks during weekends.

• Master's degree is awarded directly by the University of Wales , one of the most traditional and credible British Universities and the second largest University in Great Britain, by student population .

• Students are registered with the University of Wales .

• Healthy and friendly environment - Specially organised space for the needs of the postgraduate program - Teaching rooms suitably arranged and equipped – Excellent provision for students.

• Excellent international Academic staff with high scientific adequacy, rich educational experience and significant professional and academic distinctions in their respective fields. Benefit greatly form the skills and expertise of the teaching staff.

• Participation in group work with your peers, including peers from many different subject and cultural backgrounds.

• Provision of high quality University education and professional training in English language, based on British academic standards.

• Fully equipped computer laboratory. All work stations have Internet access.

• Modern and equipped Library. Students following University of Wales validated degrees are granted access to the University of Wales Online Library ( once they have been registered with the University. To find out more about the Online Library, go to the Using the Online Library pages (

This degree is validated and awarded by the University of Wales , UK . For further details regarding the University and its validation services, please log on to or email at .