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Dual MBA Programme with FINE

  Professional MBA Intake courses are to start in October 2014.

The programme is on a rotational basis.



TOP BRITISH PROFESSIONAL MBA Management Finance Marketing HRM Banking and Finance Degree awarded directly by British and French Universities


Other activities


FINE is committed to providing a range of high quality higher educational opportunities for Romanian and International students. FINE is pledged to preserving the rights of minorities and to promoting equal opportunities.

 FINE promotes cultural, academic and educational exchanges with the public and private institutions and with non-profit organizations from Romania or abroad. In this regard, FINE initiates contacts between Romanian educational institutions and the ones from abroad.

FINE collaborates with companies from Romania and abroad involved in the development of industry, commerce and agriculture with the purpose of benefiting of their experience.

FINE promotes international exchanges with institutions inside and outside the European Community and takes part, in cooperation with other European Institutions, in programmes of the European Union.

FINE organizes courses and seminars of re-qualification for companies (in-house training sessions) on management, marketing, finance, HRM, TQM , Telecommunications.

Due to cultural, technological and economic links with nearby Balkan and Eastern European Countries, FINE  takes positive steps to expand activities in those fast growing countries with the objective either to transfer Business and Technical know how or, looks in long term, to offer assistance in establishing a Business and Technical Centre in Bucharest in order to offer short professional qualifications courses in the areas of logistics, software engineering, telecommunication issues and its applications.