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As barriers between industries break down and business is increasingly conducted across national and regional borders, executives need an MBA which prepares them for managing in a global market.

The Professional MBA is an innovative programme in which executives need not to give up their positions and interrupt their careers in order to participate in the course. The programme , with its emphasis on management in the contemporary business environment and designed for a global business world, is a rigorous course that offers challenge and development to the most accomplished students. It is aimed at participants who are currently working and have acquired some level of managerial experience as well as recently graduated with degrees in business related subjects. It aims to introduce an appreciation of the dynamic nature of the global business environment and the decision making faced by international managers, as well as providing the knowledge and skills required to manage effectively and adapt to a changing business environment.

Students have the opportunity to broaden their business contacts and share experience from outside their own organisation and to specialize in one of the four specialization areas available which include MBA in General Management, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Finance/Banking and MBA in HRM in order to respond to the demands of the Romanian contemporary business environment.

  Part One of the scheme (the assessed taught element) consists of 10 modules totalling 120 credits (10 x 12 credits). This taught part of the programme is based on seven (7) core modules and three (3) optional specialized modules. Part Two of the scheme consists of Dissertation (in total 60 credits).

Students can build up credits through out the course while students are awarded the MBA degree when accumulating 180 credits. Provision will be made at the end of the taught for students to exit with a Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) having accumulated 120 credits. The rational behind this provision is for students who, for whatever reason, feel unable to cope with the demands of a full MBA. Such student will be allowed to re-register after one academic year following their exit.

The philosophy behind the structure of the scheme and evidence of its linked nature can be seen in the development of the modules. Core modules provide a foundation in the basic principles of management and business, finance, strategy, marketing. Knowledge and understanding on business issues is built on to encourage strategic thinking at a higher level. Electives provide students with a more in depth analysis and approach and give an international perspective on those issues.

Students on the General MBA course may choose any of the elective optional modules (depending on demand-a minimum of 8 students per optional module is required).

Students wishing to specialize and study Finance or banking or Marketing or HRM should choose the relevant modules (depending on demand - a minimum 8 students per optional module is required).  

The course is designed to develop students into independent learners over their period of study. Professional MBA is a post experience degree and is seen as a career accelerator or a mean to make a career shift after a minimum of 2 or 3 years professional experience. Thus, the ultimate goal of the programme is to provide the student with the advance knowledge and critical analysis and thinking necessary to be an effective and efficient manager.

Graduates are awarded the MBA degree of the University of Wales

As we have devised the program to be sufficiently flexible in order to facilitate either a career change or the management and growth within an existing organization, the Professional MBA is delivered in a convenient WEEKEND DELIVERY format i.e. every 3 weeks during weekends (duration 18 months) , that allows professionals to earn their degree in less than two years while continuing to work full-time.  

This degree is validated and awarded by the University of Wales , UK . For further details regarding the University and its validation services, please log on to or email at .