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Medical Faculty
EurAka University Healthcare Studies
Master of Science in
Healthcare Management

Today's healthcare management knows complexities, which are permanently increasing. The need to run healthcare organisations within often tight budgets, while demand and cost are increasing is causing serious problems. Regulating bodies insist on finding more efficiencies, but expect improved healthcare quality at the same time. Treatments become better and better, but also much more expensive. Such controversial contexts are understandable, but cause serious problems in which excellent management and profound cross-functional understanding is key.

Therefore, the MSc in Healthcare Management's contemporary aim is to adopt the position of moderation and stringent target-orientation. The first strategic aim is to build the essential cross-functional understanding by delivering modules, which are cross-linked and cover a variety of subject areas of importance for the effective, but also efficient functioning of contemporary healthcare organisations. This means interconnecting multiple issues, such as organisational administrative needs, medical care, and meeting patient and official expectations. Frequently, they are building a conflicting environment in which healthcare organisations have to navigate effectively, before they can reflect on efficiencies. Graduates being able to moderate and navigate within given complexities can deliver those expected values more easily, which then allows to moderate the process of efficient delivery within budgets, while providing best practice in the interest of patients.

The MSc in Healthcare Management does not only address candidates working in administration. It is of equal advantage for doctors and nurses, who have to manage their respective staff and need to cooperate with colleagues from other departments for best organisational performance. The internal mutual understanding of these other departmental and functional needs, and to meet expectations of external constituents at the same time requires sound understanding and knowledge regarding mechanisms and frameworks effectively supporting the efforts of contemporary healthcare organisations.
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