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Dual MBA Programme with FINE

  Professional MBA Intake courses are to start in October 2014.

The programme is on a rotational basis.



TOP BRITISH PROFESSIONAL MBA Management Finance Marketing HRM Banking and Finance Degree awarded directly by British and French Universities


Life at FINE


The strength of each Business School is often dependent on the quality of its Alumni. FINE is keen to develop an Alumni society for its graduates. FINE sees the development of an Alumni as an important contribution to the quality of service offered to its students. The benefits of a wide network of friends and colleagues who have had a shared education and experiences are very important and should not be underestimated.

Graduates' Alumni , through its contacts, aims to offer useful work-based links and assistance to the benefit of all concerned in several sectors such as career counselling, job search, choice of  postgraduates studies in UK.

The Alumni will maintain contact with its graduating students and to encourage them to keep in contact with each other. The Alumni will organize a seminar, at the beginning of the academic year, on educational and career orientation and counselling. Visits will be organized and performed to important manufacturing and commercial companies. Also the Alumni will organize additional lectures and seminars for graduates' re-qualification and broaden their experience and knowledge on new academic developments in management theories.

FINE's Alumni assists the graduates as far as their future career and success is concerned. To this end, we are asking course members, as they approach the end of their course, to give us information that we intend to make available through this Alumni section.