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The pace and change, uncertainty and turbulence in the modern market place requires organizations to be aware of the latest concepts in the area of business and management education. Staff needs to anticipate and respond to the challenges of a global economy where gaining competitive advantage is the key success factor .

FINE as a provider of high quality undergraduate, postgraduate and vocationally education has been running Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) programme for Executives and Professionals, which address specific business and management issues. It is carefully designed to maximize and update skills and knowledge while minimizing time out from the working environment.

For whom is DMS ?
CEO's and executives, middle and senior managers, finance, legal, marketing, human resources, engineering and other professionals in private, public sector companies and governmental organizations.

The course is delivered by academic practitioners whose expertise is underpinned by ‘real world’ experience. FINE employs a number of different teaching methods and techniques to ensure that participants gain maximum benefits. The main methods employed are:

Teaching combined with questions and comments from participants. New theories and techniques are outlined and then discussed and explored, drawing on the experiences of the participants attending.

Group exercises: the participants have the opportunity to analyse business situations and explore solutions co-operatively. Group exercises also encourage the development of interpersonal, team, influencing and presentation skills.

Simulation: this type of activity normally takes place in a group context and is designed to enable participants to try out new skills and techniques in a controlled classroom environment. Participants have the opportunity to apply theory to real business situations.

Case Studies: the use of case studies allows participants to analyse the context and drivers behind a real business situation for which they can devise appropriate solutions. Participants can also develop their interpersonal, team and presentation skills.

Recommended DMS duration
Total duration of 9 months. In order to suit participant's needs, each subject is delivered in weekends sessions every 3 weeks. Each weekend has a duration of 16 hours (Friday 17:00 pm – 21:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am – 16:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am – 16:00 pm).

Entry Requirements
A University first degree or
A professional qualification or
An extensive professional experience

Competency in English is obligatory.

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