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The EurAka University - European University EurAka Switzerland

E.H.E. Europa Hochschule EurAka CH
E.H.E. European University EurAka Switzerland

Higher Education Swiss made:MBAHotel ManagementGlobal DeliveryMaritime ManagementSwiss University DegreeMaster'sEmployability ImpactPhDRetail ManagementExcellenceBanking & FinanceDBAPublic AdministrationCareerProject ManagementBachelorPractice-OrientationHospitality ManagementResearchHealthcare ManagementSwiss QualityInternational BusinessBBAScienceEngineeringOnline LearningIntegral MedicineTechnologyISO 17024 CertificationManufacturing ManagementDoctor of ScienceAutomotive ManagementDoctor of Healthcare AdministrationCompliance ManagementSustainability and CSRQuality ManagementTotal Plant Management

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The E.H.E. European University EurAka Switzerland

... is part of the strand of Switzerland’s private universities. Swiss Education and Higher Education are top-ranked and own outstanding global reputation for their excellence.

The research-intensive EurAka University stands for responsible and sustainable global Higher Education. It further offers selected professional qualifications being advantageously embedded in academic backgrounds. The EurAka University owns two campuses, one in Switzerland and one in Germany. Both campuses are complemented by various specialist knowledge centres, in which either specific fields of knowledge are concentrated or parts of the EurAka University’s research take place.

The EurAka University has globalised its Higher Education. Official University offices in Zambia, Africa, three in South East Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar, and one in Romania make sure that our Swiss Higher Education is accessible and affordable for many, many students, because knowledge has no borders anymore. The EurAka University’s carefully developed and permanently monitored global delivery has the objective that students can fulfil their wish for a European academic degree, either by physical studies or through selected e-learning programmes.

All academic levels, Bachelor, MBA, Master’s, Doctoral Studies - PhD and DBA in Economy and Business, the Doctor of Healthcare Administration, PhD studies in Technology and Engineering, but also the postdoctoral Doctor of Science (PhD habilitata) - are part of the EurAka University’s programmes of studies. These and equal postgraduate and undergraduate studies in technology and engineering or healthcare and medical studies all are Swiss made: the EurAka University's obligation to guarantee that best quality is delivered.

The field of knowledge students do select makes no difference, all have in common that EurAka University’s state of the art Higher Education matches Employability Impact at the same time. The University equips graduates with skills, knowledge, and capabilities employers value and thus provide our graduates with access to highly attractive international job opportunities. Not to forget is what the EurAka University calls Student Value+: the optional personal ISO 17024 Certification as integrated part of various programmes of studies.

We are delivering Higher Education of best European quality and highest Swiss standards. Higher Education without borders being delivered through modern and innovative academic methods. Higher Education connecting students from all around the world. Students being driven by intellectual curiosity and the desire to improve themselves and to positively influence their environment through our academic studies as part of their Continuous Professional Development in their Cycle of Lifelong Learning.

Studies of the E.H.E. European University EurAka Switzerland are designed to be globally accessible and affordable, and future-oriented at the same time. Studies adopting holistic and cross-disciplinary approaches for a permanently changing and challenging world.

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EurAka University Higher Education Swiss made
EurAka University Swiss Higher Education
EurAka University Swiss Higher Education
E.H.E. European University
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