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EurAka University Studies in Africa
The EurAka University in Africa
and the Middle East

For the EurAka University Africa is an important continent. Many efforts are made to enable African candidates to study with the EurAka University. Higher Education Swiss made is finding the same emphasis as in Europe or Asia. This focus of the EurAka University is demonstrated by a good number of significant academic partnerships and projects.

The first evidence is that the EurAka University awards her PhD degrees on behalf of Africa's largest provider of higher education studies, the pan-African Eastern and Southern African Management Institute, ESAMI. ESAMI is owned by ten national governments. For ESAMI, the EurAka University offers PhD-studies in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Swaziland, the Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. The EurAka University is proud of its active students enrolled in this doctoral programme.

Another such collaboration is with the Tanzanian Business School of Africa, located right at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. The EurAka University is currently preparing her official accreditation with the responsible ministry in Tanzania. In Zambia, the EurAka University and the young Central University of Zambia started their collaboration on February 2018. First PhD students are enrolled, while Master's and Bachelor programmes will start in Lusaka soon as well.

Further preparations for strengthening the EurAka University's presence addresses countries in West African countries.

EurAka University in Africa
The Middle East:
Developments in the Middle East have started in 2017. The first partnership on the arabian peninsula is with Talent United in Kuwait, which also owns the Netherlands Center of Governance in its mixed Kuwaiti-Dutch structure. First students are expected to begin their studies in 2018. However, this is just the beginning.

A new partnership in Iran is currently in the final stages of planning. The EurAka plans to welcome first Iranian students in the year 2018.

Through the EurAka University students are finding best opportunities to study directly in Africa and the Middle East for their Swiss Degree.
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