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General Regulation for Admission:

In its global approach to Higher Education, the E.H.E. European University EurAka Switzerland widely acknowledges Certificates and official Qualifications from other countries. Essential for such recognition is that these are meeting the adequate level of entry for the intended studies and that they are issued by an institution or institute, which is officially recognised in their country of origin.

Bachelor Studies:

Admittance by Education
The programmes of studies address candidates, who have finished school with a good College Degree, Baccalaureate or equivalent other national qualification.

Work-based Entry Route
Applications from professionals without a College Degree or Baccalaureate or equivalent on national level, who can submit evidence of a credible professional education with their application instead, such as an apprenticeship or national equivalent, are equally encouraged to apply. Candidates are invited to seek advice with their local study centre or the Registry of the EurAka University for further details and information for an individual assessment of their prior qualification.
Master’s Studies:

Admittance by Education
Master’s programmes are focused programmes of Postgraduate academic studies. They are aimed at candidates holding an Undergraduate Degree.

Work-based Entry Route for Candidates without a First Degree

Equally welcomed are applicants, who instead of a first (Undergraduate) degree have significant professional expertise and practice in an organisation. These candidates are admitted by the so-called work-based route. The usual expectation for such professional practice is a minimum of five (5) years on managerial and/or supervisory level for which evidence has to be submitted when applying. It has to be understood that such applications are checked individually regarding the evidence presented.

Doctoral Studies:

All doctoral programmes are independent theory- and research-based programmes of studies. They involve few or no taught elements. It is essential that students understand the superior challenges of scientific work, which they are expected to demonstrate in their thesis and defend in the concluding Viva.

Applications will be individually assessed according to scientific criteria. Applicants should hold a Bachelor and/or a Master’s degree or equivalent qualifications. Bachelor and Master’s Degree are expected on higher level of the range of available marks. Professional qualifications and significant managerial experience may be taken into account for entry to a doctoral programme, but then require to study the complete Master of Research as compulsory element of the intended doctoral degree.

Postdoctoral Studies:

Candidates for the Postdoctoral Doctor of Science (PhD habil.) can only be admitted, if they hold an officially recognised prior doctoral degree (PhD, DBA or equivalent).

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