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Student Value+
EurAka University Double Degree Bachelor
Prestigious International Double Degree Awards

Double Degree Awards make graduates really interesting for employers. And not only that: An application in which two academic degrees issued by two different universities can be presented makes a significant difference. This differentiation can be decisive in an application process.

With carefully selected partners, the EurAka University has forged strategic alliances to offer students the special Student Value+: the Swiss-Georgian or the Swiss-Indonesian Double Degree. These are available both as a Bachelor and Master level. And who wants to revalue that - that too is possible. A double degree plus the individual ISO 17024 Certification. That actually results more in Student Value++ Swiss made. But this is also evidence of the EurAka University's seriousness with reference to the Employability Impact concept: To ensure that graduates can apply for high-quality positions in organisations.

Further information about double degree courses can be obtained directly from the EurAka University.
EurAka University Student Value+
UniGeorgia EurAka University
The International Teaching University of Georgia, until 2016 the Tbilisi Teaching University Gorgasali, can be considered an elite university. She is ranked under her former name as one of the Top 10 universities in the country. If you know the quality of Eastern European higher education only a little, you know how extraordinary it is. This means that two qualities of particular value are combined in one double degree. Georgia is associated with the EU. This means that the second Georgian degree is also part of the Bologna Guidelines of the EU and hence internationally recognised. The International Teaching University of Georgia is not only officially recognised in her home country. The University is on the list of the German regulating body KMK (Tbilisi Teaching University Gorgasali) as well, and is explicitly accredited by UK NARIC. Official degree status all around. With this Swiss-Georgian double degree, which certainly attracts attention, graduates obtain a lifelong value for themselves.

Universitas Mercu Buana EurAka University
With nearly 30,000 students, Universitas Mercu Buana is one of Indonesia's largest universities with three study locations. Why a double degree with an Indonesian university? This is far less surprising than the first moment suggests. Indonesia has become a booming economic centre in Southeast Asia. International students, from Australia, from Malaysia, and other countries, are already studying there and this with support of the governments of their home countries. As a huge country with many citizens, Indonesia may be considered an insider tip for a major economic hub of the entire region in the near future. This is a valid argument, especially for export-oriented countries and their employing organisations.

Academically, the Universitas Mercu Buana is of course fully recognised by the state. The quality of teaching, as well as the cultural openness of the country should never be underestimated. A number of Western professors and lecturers are already teaching in Indonesia. And, of course, an intercontinental double financial statement from one of the new boom regions of globalization is only and always an advantage - and it is also recognised by the German regulating body of the KMK.
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