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Dual MBA Programme with FINE

  Professional MBA Intake courses are to start in October 2014.

The programme is on a rotational basis.



TOP BRITISH PROFESSIONAL MBA Management Finance Marketing HRM Banking and Finance Degree awarded directly by British and French Universities




FINE was founded in 2001 with the aim to provide Higher Education in Romania . It offers a high standard of educational programmes.

The courses offered by FINE have been designed by academics with wide teaching and professional experience in their fields, in cooperation with academics of the University of Wales for the MBA program . The MBA program and relevant functioning of F.IN.E are guided and controlled by the University of  Wales, which also evaluates the quality of studies through a group of external examiners. In this way, the level of studies is the same in Romania as in Wales .

Students are registered with the University of Wales and have the opportunity either to complete their studies in Romania or to be transferred at any time and continue their studies in Britain, at the discretion of the respective validating body . Their degrees are issued and awarded by the University of Wales .

It should be noted that the present day operation and development of FINE is dependent upon the Romanian Ministry of Education. However, its MBA program is validated by the University of Wales . The University of Wales examines the quality and the level of studies and awards Diplomas and Degrees to the graduates of FINE.

F.IN.E was afforded by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research (Government decision (HG) 410/2002)

This degree is validated and awarded by the University of Wales , UK . For further details regarding the University and its validation services, please log on to or email at .

This degree is validated and awarded by the IPE Management School of Paris , France .