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Dual MBA Programme with FINE

  Professional MBA Intake courses are to start in October 2014.

The programme is on a rotational basis.



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The Building & Facilities


FINE operates in the RBI building which is located at Str. Negru Voda, Nr. 3, Sector 3, Bucharest . The building is located in the center of Bucharest , and has easy access by public transport (buses, trolley buses and the underground)

It consists of lecture rooms, computer laboratory, a library, the secretary's office and the registry, a snack bar and a staff room.

The computer facilities fully cover the academic needs of all courses. Our students have access to the best computer technology available in Romanian Business schools. FINE's programs fosters the development of its students' computer skills by providing them with continuous access to most used specialized business software, to financial databases, as well as to Internet and electronic e-mail. All computers are connected to the Internet. Computers and multimedia equipment are also available to prepare assignments and class presentations required in the program. The computer lab has 20 workstations, all connected to each other, and printing facilities. It is available to students during regular hours and weekends.

The secretary's office constitutes a major part of the function of FINE, as it continuously supports educational procedures and it is in direct contact with lecturers, students and their families.  

The educational procedure is supported by a complete information system. The secretaries and the directors are connected to a central unit, in which all information, regarding each student, his or her absences and his or her grades are registered. In this way, for both students and their parents, it is very easy to get information on the progress of each student, upon request. 

The Library is considered extremely important in the learning process and research. The library of FINE is fully equipped, in order to cover the needs of all the educational programmes. FINE's library makes all course textbooks, current business journals, magazines and specialized publications available to students. Furthermore, continuous effort is made to enrich the library with up to date literature. 

Use of the library is facilitated by a computer system appropriate for finding and using books and articles or any other necessary printed material. Students have access to a huge number of data and information, which is necessary for the students' essays. 
Students following University of Wales validated degrees are granted access to the University of Wales Online Library ( once they have been registered with the University. To find out more about the Online library, go to the Using the Online Library pages